Youth policy

Молодежная политика


Head of the Department for Youth Policy

Aynabek Aydana Erkynqyzy

Development of creative potential of students' all-round development and other civil society organizations about the importance of the Institute Today, the Department of Youth Policy of the following student organizations, associations, clubs work.:

• "Student Rector's Office";

"Nur Otan" HDF "Zhas Otan" youth wing;

"Future" debate club;

Plans its own rules, and their activities are coordinated with the list of members of the education department.

Enrolled in the Institute which shows etichekie behavior of students, b requirement until the end of the document is a "code of honor students SKSPU".

National and local members of the youth organization of the institute students who are actively involved in the process of realization of the state youth policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan, students of higher education institutions, "Jas Otan" youth wing was established with the support of National Movement students. in Shymkent, the organization more than 12 of its combined middle and high schools. "students Alliance of Kazakhstan" at the headquarters of the city leaders . Leaders SKSPU, "The student is life?", "Student as food?", "We are against corruption" and "should not allow the drug" and patriotic education of youth-oriented "It is our sun!", "This is our flag ! "," This is our emblem, "" young country! "and so take an active part in the events.

Educating youth patriotic consciousness, "Way-2050 in Kazakhstan: common goal, common interests, common future" educational program has been prepared (decision of the Academic Council, 26 February 2014 No. 5 minutes).

Youth education and well-known scientists and public figures at the meeting with the media plan (decision of the Academic Council, 29 August 2014, the protocol number 1).

Help young people in employment, in order to provide additional services to strengthen cooperation with employers and graduates of vocational and technical department to promote employment every year, "Young Professionals", which will work in the fair trade practices in the past, has no experience with other young professionals It is the most effective way of placement.

To create a sense of patriotism among young people, "the way in Kazakhstan-2050: common goal, common interests, common future" is formed by the educational direction of the program. (YUKGPI 26.02.2014g 5 minutes of the Scientific Council)

Approved media heroes plan meeting: "The youth science education, science and society." (1 decision of the Academic Council SKSPI protocol. 29.08.2014g).

Rights of students, interest and voluntary, as well as students and the development of democracy, in order to improve relations between the leaders of the Institute of Administration and the structure of its 2011 rules. Student Administration works: regular students and rector of the Institute, took part in the monthly meetings of the core group of students, education, organization of the social life of the students, their research and creativity in general student life problems.

The effectiveness of university student government of an independent survey of students and a questionnaire after each session, and realized through the "confidence-mail and phone."

The role of youth organizations in the universities, are actively involved in the activities of "the student - the student."

In addition to the academic work of the University, "student teacher" increases the efficiency of colleagues.

Coordinator of the educational work of the Institute, is an important part of management and control. Deputy director on educational work of the university is directly connected. The Institute "Regulation Institute" position of the scientific leader and mentor group is considered.

Continuously operating monitoring the effectiveness of the educational institution. After a written report of the date of the report on educational work of teachers in the groups studied. mentors Magazine, as well as the work of day-to-day training and mentoring hours protocol.

Methods of study groups, teachers and students working as a creative development, self-education, moral formation, contributes to the abundance of social experience.

SKSPU emphasis on individual work of students. On each of the curriculum provided in at least one semester or a year. CDS organizational plans, self-development according to the specific sections of materials.

The system of educational information management (OPABJ) designed and organized for efficient management of the educational process.

Universite research department scientific schools (faculties) students of all faculties and departments conducts annual scientific conference (19).

Every year students of the Institute of intellectual and scientific seminars, competitions, round tables, as well as university students held national competitions and projects, intellectual, "future", "debate leader SKSPU" intellectual game, Professor AN The seminar was organized Podushkin archaeological educational, scientific schools take part in the competition for students between the CPC and others.

The  university management to help students from low-income regularly support creative young people and young students